DRAGO Clarifier

This model of dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifier is the one with the lowest energy consumption in the market.

A DAF system facilitates the removal of undesirable matter such as oils or suspended solids from water or other liquids.

The experience of S&S in the installation of Air Solver units in more than 300 DAF clarifiers, of practically all suppliers, you have allowed to adjust and optimize the performance of these DAFs, thus knowing the advantages and the disadvantages offered by each of the types.

FAs a result of this knowledge, DRAGO clarifiers were born from S&S Technologies, our ideal DAF that takes advantage of the benefits of the well-known clarifiers and the biggest defects.

Obviously, the DRAGO fleeting system includes an Air Solver for the introduction of air, thus achieving that the DRAGO clarifiers are the ones with the lowest energy in the market, with efficiencies of clarification equal to the most performant ones.

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