Air Solver

S&S has developed innovative systems to enhance industrial processes leading to improvements in energy consumption, processing costs and effectiveness.

The Air Solver is a hydrodynamic solution to include micro-bubbles in a flow of liquid with little energy cost. The principle is based on Bernoulli’s theorem.

It can be used in all physical processes where an injection of fluid in another is necessary.

Its main applications are in industrial processes, in water clarification as part of DAF clarifiers, and also as a chemical diffuser.

In DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) systems, the Air Solver involves a group of nozzles designed to introduce the maximum amount of air to a flow of water at low pressure. There are many types and models of DAF clarifiers: Krofta, Deltafloat, Purgomat, Poseidon, Deltapurge, FlooDaf…; and the Air Solver can be easily installed in all of them. Its main benefit is that the air used is from the environment, NOT using compressed air.

The latest optimization of Air Solver are the Monojet Models, which request less driving fluid flow for the same amount of air introduced, meaning that the power installed has been reduced. This model also prevents blockages and obstruction.

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