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EXCLUSIVE chemicals products for Pulp and Paper industry also wastewater treatment technologies. It’s not only commodity products; our company is highly specialized in each product, giving added economic value and advanced technical aspects in production processes.


SASA is a product used in paper sizing, specifically in high production paper machines.
Single ASA is a modification from the base oil itself, reducing the effects from ASA hydrolysis and in reversion seizing. This modification is able to facilitate emulsifiers without adding extraneous products to the gluing system.
Due to this modification, the ASA product can be emulsified in a reduced particle size, without including water (without cationic starch) and a low value of shear.
The emulsifying machine is simplified.
The presence of pastes, calcium succinate and other impurities and deposits are minimized.


CAT products are a range of new concept, organic coagulants. These are highly cationic, with low viscosity and are water soluble in any proportion. The range is made up for CAT 40, CAT 20 and CAT 10. These products vary in their concentration and cationicity.
Application areas are both in the organic and inorganic coagulant application fields. These new organic coagulant products provide companies with higher effectiveness at reduced consumption.
The high effectiveness and reduction doses make it very suitable to use like ATC (Anioninc Trash Catcher).
CAT products do not contain metal salts (Fe or Al) or halogenated derivatives.
Unlike most coagulants, its pH is basic and the concentration of active material is 40% without ADR.
The CAT is protected by the relevant production and application of patents.


New generation of optical whiteners. For mass (di- and tetra-sulfonates triazol-stilbene) to size-press and coating (tetra and hexa stilbene sulfonates).


Our experience of over 30 years in service charges and Pigments for Paper Industry loads allows us to continue to offer paper based Calcium Sulphate.
These are characterized by high whiteness, giving the OBA a higher potency, less loss of mechanical properties in relation to the load percentage and versatility in both neutral and acidic media.

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