Essity Cuijk has selected S&S to update the aeration system on their aerated basin on the WWTP.

S&S will supply 5 Jet Blowers of JB26 model, with an air introduction capacity of 250 Nm3/h at 3.5 bar of working pressure. The scope supply also includes the pump to feed the system and the pressure gauges to control the pressure values on the inlet of the JB units.

The target of the rebuild is to boost the treatment capacity without increasing the power consumption and reduce the chemicals consumption.

Just highlight that four of the five Jet Blowers supplied will be aspiring air from the environment in order to have positive redox potential values and also to treat the BOD of the wastewater. The fifth Jet Blower will be aspiring gases from the anaerobic tank and introducing them into the aerated basin.

Start-up of the system is scheduled for the end of the year.

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