S&S has installed in Papresa, Renteria (Spain), two Air Solvers of their model MJ16, one in each DAF clarifier of DIP2. The new installation has replaced two pumps of 32 kW, from the traditional aeration system, for two pumps of 4 kW eack. Therefore, the energy savings were of 56 kW on this line.

With the installation of these Air Solver MJ16 units, all the DAF clarifiers of the papermill have changed their aeration system to S&S technology, in other words, all the traditional aeration systems of the DAFs at site have been replaced. Like this, Papresa has achieved considerable energy savings: the current power installed dedicated to the aeration of all the DAFs is 39,5 kW VS 323 kW when they were using the traditional aeration system.

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